New Year New You course

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6 weeks New Year new you Ladies Kickboxing Course


💋 Ladies - do you wish you had more CONFIDENCE going into 2020? 💋


The feedback we have received at Kane Martial Arts Academy suggests that many of our ladies initially join us to improve their confidence!

DID YOU KNOW? .......

A study conducted at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people who exercised twice a week for 10 weeks felt more competent socially, academically, and athletically. They also rated their body image and self-esteem higher.

Best of all, rather than the physical changes in their bodies being responsible for the uptick in confidence, it was the immediate, endorphin-fueled positivity from exercise that made all the difference.

SO ....

If you feel like joining our friendly 'ladies only' kickboxing class for:

Muscle tone

AND to generally feel more AWESOME ... read on for our new year new you offer ...

🌟our 6 week ladies only course Female Instructor too! 🌟

If you then decide to join kane academy (we can't think why you wouldn't 😉) You will recieve a Free drinks Bottle with your Uniform.


Start date Tuesday January 14th 2020 

End date Thursday 20th February

This course will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm on the dates stipulated above. 

 10 spaces available 


P.S: We can't wait to see you!