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Do you want you or your teenager to develop their self esteem and confidence in 2020?

At Kane academy we have been running classes for over 12 years and have noticed that stress levels are on the increase over the last 3. This is in our teenage members with exam pressure and peer pressure and also our adult members with extra work related stresses. 

We have noticed that this has led teenagers and adults into depressive states and worse. 

We are aiming to help people tackle this problem through participation in our lessons and generally helping people to become more active. 

The benefits of attending do not just stop at reducing stress levels they also include, 

>Improved self esteem

>Improved fitness levels

>Weight loss

>Making new friends who have a similar interest and are on the same journey. 

>Improves balance and coordination. (Say goodbye to two left feet!) 

>Improve confidence through goal setting and grading for belts. 

Would you like to see yourself improve and develop in the areas listed above ?

You can by signing up to the next course...

Start date Tuesday January 14th 2020 

End date Thursday 20th February

 10 spaces available 

P.S: We can't wait to help you!


Class times are Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30pm - 7:30pm