HapKiSundo March 2020

2/8 Chingford Street, Fairfield VIC 3078 03/03/2020 19:00:00

 "Take a moment to be still"

Hapki-SunDo brings the balance to your Ki through Zen meditation and exercise.

Starting Tuesday 3rd March - 5 week introduction course.

Hapki-sundo brings balance to your life.

"Co-ordination of energy"

"Achieve mindfulness"

Grand Master Cairney, since 1995, has been studying and practising Sundo - Korean Zen Buddhist meditation, philosophy and exercise.  20 years later in 2015 Grand Master Cairney introduced HapKi-Sundo.

Classes are also conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone begins with whatever condition they are in at the time. The goal is to incrementally improve your ability to embrace the movements and exercises.  Those who already enjoy good health and fitness can take on a whole new regime to enhance what they already have achieved.

Registration fee: AUD 80.00 - 110.00

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