TIny Tiger 6 week Course

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Summer Course l. Date: Tuesday 16th July ending Saturday 24th August

Welcome to Kane Academy. Rebecca Kane here.


Our 6 week beginner courses are the perfect for complete beginners to get started at our award winning Martial Arts Academy.

You will be able to attend two lessons per week which is optimum for learning any sport or activity at the early stages. 

Here is what one of our Children has to say



What does the course include?


As shown here


INCLUDES Lessons twice per week

6 weeks of lessons attending twice per week Value £95 based on our regular £59.99 monthly tuition fees.

INCLUDES 1st Grade Examination at the end of the course. 

Value £30:00

So that you can see the value of the course we have done the math for you. 

TOTAL VALUE OF COURSE £95 + £40.00 + £30:00= £165.98


How much is it?

 * ONLY £137.99 per course *

To launch our 6 week beginner Tiny Tiger Courses

YOU SAVE £27.99 on getting started!


Tiny Tiger Beginner Course Timetable 


4:30pm - 5:00pm


4:30pm - 5:00pm


9:00am - 9:30am Lesson 1

9:30am - 10:00am Lesson 2

YOU SELECT ANY 2 of the lessons from the above timetable then attend for the 6 week duration of the course.

We run beginner courses throughout the year for new pupils to get started in their Martial Arts journey.

All our programmes are book in advance with limited places.

Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email from a member of our team to confirm your booking. They will send you the digital health form to complete. In this form you will make your preferred two lessons to attend.



A member of the team will then be back in touch to confirm the space on the course.


We look forward to helping you. 


Team Kane

Venue Kane Academy, Ground Floor, St James Hall, St James Road, Marsh, HD1 4QA

Website: http://www.kaneacademy.com/

NB: This is for brand new starters only not existing members, or any person who has tried our classes before.

NB: You must join the Academy as a full member if you wish to continue learning with us after this trial period. 

NB: This course is fixed at 6 consecutive weeks. Lessons do not roll on outside this period. You must become a member of the Academy in one of our monthly membership programs to continue attending after your course is complete.

NB* Course fee is non refundable once paid. 

Places on courses are limited to 10.

The academy will give notice to any changes in course start and end dates at least 7 days before unless adverse weather or circumstances occur.